The Benefits of Home Additions & Home Remodeling

Many homeowners face the same quandary:  the family is growing, or the needs are changing.. so it must be time to move.  Or is it?

Think again. Adding an addition, or remodeling your home is probably worth considering given the benefits of more space, and equity in the home. One of the obvious benefits of staying put is, you have a house that you continuously investing in! And, what about all the memories (hopefully good); if you have children does that mean a new school district? There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to buying a home. So, perhaps you should start with weighing the benefits of adding an addition to your home, or remodeling.

Advantages To Additions & Remodeling.

There are often financial advantages to building an addition rather than moving.  There are no closing costs to pay, not down payments, and there are no movers. Also, it is worth remembering that moving can be a stressful situation; kids and adults alike will have to face concerns about the unknown when they move into a new home, in a new neighborhood, and into a new structure.

Determining The Right Additions & Remodeling.

We can help you determine what changes can be made when you add, or remodel areas of your home.  Start by considering the way you live in your home, the amounts of traffic in certain areas, and what areas are in need of the most improvement.

Home additions are usually less expensive per square foot than building a new home, and the good you’ll get by adding onto your present home will also outweigh the expense of moving.  Some of the more common additions to people’s homes include:

  • Porches and decks to either the front or the back of a house
  • Garages in which older garages can be turned into living spaces, or simply add, or improve parking space inside
  • Increasing the size of a room
  • Turn a bedroom into an office, a hobby room, or some other more practical use
  • Add a room to the house
  • Add a “wing” to the house
  • Build up and add a second floor to a house
  • Add dormers to a home to make a more interesting looking skyline